Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Own Avatar

I must say that my final result Avatar looked more like I did a few years ago, but only if I had been addicted to plastic surgery. The pointed chin and big eyes made me cuter than ET. (For you kids out there, that was the adorable, but over-sized extra terrestrial who used the first ever cell phone to call home.)

The clothing choices hung on the slender body, except over the breasts, where they were slightly too tight. At least the color scheme was groovy. Not an ounce of baby fat on this babe. Laura Croft eat your heart out!

Once I had the coolest hair style, the bestest face and the rad clothes, I was ready to save the marauder-babe. That was were it all went wrong. For some reason wouldn't save. It was late, so I decided that I didn't care and logged out. Oh well, it was just a dream anyway.

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